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If you are considering zookeeping as a career, here is some helpful information:

It is important to understand that human encroachment, over-harvesting, and the placement of wild animals into the pet industry have all drastically reduced genetic diversity of wild populations. Through the correct animal welfare, the zoo community plays an important role in preventing extinction. If this is something you are passionate about, a college degree in an animal-related field is important and shows your commitment to learning a complicated science. By volunteering or working in a zoological setting, you will learn valuable information and skills in the following categories:

  • Safe, sound, and sanitary environments
  • Physical and chemical restraint and transportation
  • Nutrition
  • Veterinary care
  • Social structure
  • Record keeping
  • Mental and physical stimuli
  • Educating the public
A photo of a lion

Frequently Asked Questions about Zoos